Understanding How To Get a Great Massage

Understanding How To Get a Great Massage

It is important to understand this situation from the therapist’s point of view. It may seem obvious to you because you are experiencing a massage, so you are evaluating the massage in real time, but the therapist will only know the quality of his work once you tell him.

Most people need to realize how different people’s tastes are regarding massage.

Some people enjoy having the therapist’s elbow point pressing down with full force on their back, while others enjoy a massage so soft it tickles. Some clients fall asleep almost instantly when you start massaging their scalp, while others hate touching their scalp. The therapist may only know which client he is dealing with halfway through the massage session.

Normally, when the massage begins, the therapist asks what type of massage the client wants and what pressure they like best. While saying he wants a medium intensity massage is a good start, it’s far from informing the therapist what to do. Many clients feel they have told the therapist what they want and then wait to be massaged.

Unfortunately, with such limited information, the therapist will most likely guess what type of massage and what areas of the body you like best. If you want to get the best massage possible, you need to be more active. During the massage, be sure to take a deep breath when you feel good. You can exaggerate your breathing to communicate when the therapist is doing a good job.

Many clients naturally already do this and tend to get great results. They almost always leave very satisfied with their experience. The best way to do this is to tune the breath to the massage. Make sure the therapist listens to your breathing. It may seem uncomfortable to many, but therapists always experience this. Therapists highly value feedback. By using loud breathing, you can give the therapist a real-time measure of the quality of your work. It will only help them give you a good 건마 massage. Customers must accept this for their benefit.


All this may seem like a very uncomfortable situation for you. It may seem strange that a stranger will massage you while breathing hard. But it’s comfortable if you can accept it as a form of communication. A potentially more awkward situation is that you stand there and give no feedback while your therapist massages your scalp when you don’t feel like it. In addition, it is inconvenient for the therapist.

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