Portfolio management services

Portfolio management services

We live in a materialistic world, this is the harsh reality. Everybody today wants to be financially secure and feel the peace of mind where we aren’t worried about money, live a debt free life and have all our expenses covered, it all sounds too good to be true! Well with the right kind of research and knowledge, it isn’t difficult at all. Those days are gone when people use to save money for future security. Now-a-days savings might not be adequate for the future and moreover why keep our money idle in a bank account when we can make more out of it by investing. Investing refers to putting our money into assets with the hope to generate an income or a profit. Well not everyone has adequate knowledge to invest in order to gain profitable returns. This is where portfolio management services come into play.

What are portfolio management services?

Portfolio management services are services offered by professional money managers in which they provide us with a wide variety of investment options in order to achieve certain investment goals. These investment options include:

  • Stock
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Cash equivalent

These services are tailored according to the investor’s risk taking capacity and return requirements. Portfolio here means a combination of investment options that depends upon a client’s income, budget and convenient time frame.

Types of portfolio management services

We as investors can choose among various types of services:

Portfolio management


In this the portfolio manager is given complete control of the portfolio and all decision and actions are taken by them. This is the best option for clients with limited knowledge and time.


 In this the portfolio manager only gives suggestion to the investor, while the final call about making the decision lies with the investor.

How does portfolio mangement service benefits us

Certain benefits offered by these services are:


Returns in this are generally high as professionals are involved and they possess extensive knowledge about the market and the securities.


Based on the investors risk taking capacity and return expectations, investment can be accordingly customized.


Investors can track the status of their holdings, which gives them better control over investments.

As we all know risk is involved everywhere, but it is evidently much lower in portfolio management services. Recent events like the corona virus pandemic have made us realize how important it is to build long term wealth, owing to this the young generation had started to invest and they are becoming increasingly aware about these services and its importance. This has led a spur in its demand.

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